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Can an insurance carrier in Colorado increase auto insurance premiums when one is not at fault for an accident?

Generally, no. Colorado has a statute, C.R.S. 10-4-628 that specifically provides that an insurance carrier cannot increase premiums when one is not at fault for an accident. Specifically, C.R.S. 10-4-628 (1)(a) provides:

No insurer shall cancel; fail to renew; refuse to write; reclassify an insured under; reduce coverage under, unless the reduction is part of a general reduction in coverage filed with the commissioner; or increase the premium for, unless the increase is part of a general increase in premiums filed with the commissioner, any complying policy because the applicant, insured, permissive user, or any resident of the household of the applicant or insured has:

(a) Had an accident or accidents that are not the fault of such named applicant, insured, household member, or permissive user;

Thus, an insurance carrier in Colorado should not increase premiums under an auto policy following an accident where the insured was not at fault for the accident.


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